(Please read along with me.)

Thank you for your willingness to participate in my dissertation research.  I am studying music preferences, knowledge and images that are evoked by listening to certain types of tunes.  First, I am going to play ten music selections for you. Each is approximately 10-12 seconds long.  I will then pause so that you can answer the questions in  Section-1 of this questionnaire for each of the music selections.  Please use the key below to identify the type of music and then answer the 4 questions for each selection.

(Now, please read along with the tape.)



Music type. After listening to the selection, please identify the type of music that you heard by writing the name of the music type in the space provided. For example, if you heard part of a Madonna tune, you would write the word ďrockĒ in the space provided.

Selection # 1 to # 10 (same question each time different song)

1.1  What type of music did you just hear? ____________________________

Now, please answer 1.2-1.5, thinking about Selection #1 only. Please circle the one response for each item that best describes your opinion about the selection.

1.2 I enjoyed listening to this selection.  agree (1) disagree (0)

1.3 I would listen to this selection if it were played on the radio.agree (1)disagree (0)

1.4  I would buy a recording of this selection.  agree (1)disagree (0)

1.5  I would listen to my own recording of this selection frequently.agree (1)disagree (0)



(Please read along with me.)

In this section, please rate each of the music forms presented to indicate how much you enjoy listening to that type of music. Use the scale presented directly below to rate each music form. Place the one number which best describes your opinion in the space provided. You may use each number as many times as you like.



1 = I donít like to listen to this music at all.

2 = I only like to listen to this music very infrequently.

3 = I enjoy listening to this music frequently, but itís not my favorite.

4 = This music is a favorite type for me.

___a. Classical/chamber

___b. Opera

___c. Showtunes/operettas

___d. Jazz

___e. Reggae

___f. Rap

___g. Blues

___h. Latin/Salsa

___i. Big Band

___j. Parade/March

___k. Todayís Country

___l. Bluegrass

___m. Rock

___n. Ethnic/National

___o. Contemporary Folk

___p. Mood/Easy Listening

___q. New Age

___r. Choral Glee Club

___s. Hymns/Gospel

___t. Old-time ďhillbillyĒ

(Please read along with the tape.)


The questions in this section are designed to find out about images and opinions that you have from two selections of music. I will play each music selection for you. There will be a pause after each one. For each selection, please answer the items below for this selection only. Circle the one response that best illustrates your degree of agreement or disagreement with each statement.

Selection # 1

1. This music gives me a good, down to earth feeling.

Strongly Agree      Agree         Disagree       Strongly  disagree

4                             3                2                            1

2. This music makes me think of backwards people from the hills.

Same scoring as Selection #1

3. This music makes me think of pleasant looking, clean cut musicians.

Same scoring as Selection #1

4. I am pleasantly energized by this music.

Same scoring as Selection #1

5. Hearing this music makes me think of unintelligent people.

Same scoring as Selection #1

6. This music is too primitive to make it on the radio.

Same scoring as Selection #1

7. This music makes me think of idyllic picnics in the country.

Same scoring as Selection #1

8. This music makes me think of college professors sitting around a quaint coffee shop.

Same scoring as Selection #1


Selection # 2

Same scoring as Selection #1


Please tell us about yourself by answering the following questions.

1. I ammale___female___(please check)

2. I am ____  years old. (please write in)

3. I spent the majority of my childhood in the state of ________________  (please write in)

4. My mothers occupation was/is_________________________________________  (please write in)

5. My fatherís occupation was/is _______________________________________  (please write in)

6. My fatherís highest level of education was/is _______________________ (please write in)

7. My motherís highest level of education was/is _______________________  (please write in)

8. My ethnicity is _________________________________________________  (please write in)

9. I currently play a musical instrument on a regular basis.

Yes      No   (please circle one response only)




This project would have been impossible without the contributions of many people to whom I would like to express my gratitude.

First and foremost, I thank Elizabeth, my wife, for her untiring patience and support.  She has been my inspiration and solace throughout my educational endeavors.  I will always remember that without her support this project would still be running around in my head trying to find a way out.  I love you and a heart felt thanks.

As I watch my daughter Samantha during her formative educational years, I offer a warm thanks and my love for all the hugs and words of encouragement as I struggled with my writings. 

I acknowledge all the musicians who have gone before and unselfishly offered their love of music and provided a guiding hand in my own musical development.  A special thank you is given to my musical parents, family, and friends for providing the musical space for my development and for sharing their love for the old songs.  There is also a special thanks to all the unnamed musicians who continue to keep the tradition of mountain music alive in their daily lives.

I thank each member of my committee.  As a group you never failed once to offer your support and enthusiasm on my behalf.  Simply put, you are the best possible committee anyone could ever hope to have - thank you all.  You made this entire process possible.

To Daivd Klocko, the music man of Bangor College, I offer a warm thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and appreciation of music in all its forms.  The informal chats in your office have always been inspirational and shall always be fond memories.  Thank you for taking the time to see that every "i" was dotted and that every "t" was crossed.

Thank you Louie.  Your sincerity and clarity of thought helped make this project a success.  I will always admire your ease of editing text and your clear writing style.  You have been a most welcome member of my committee.

To Jim Artesani I extend a special thanks for your support and willingness to work with me.  Your knowledge and keen insight have been most welcomed additions to my intellectual growth.

Alan, for all that you have helped me accomplish over the years and for always being supportive of my efforts, thank you. You have been a guiding light in my musical and academic career for many years.

And finally, I extend a special thank you to my committee chair, Anatole. Your love of mountain fiddling brought me to your office door.  Thanks for giving me the advice and encouragement to make this dissertation possible. 


Thatís all folks                       Email me <HERE>