This book started out originally as a supplement to help Don's music students, move beyond the mechanics of their instruments and changing from one chord to another to become music makers. If you are a post-beginning/intermediate musician and you desire to move away from tablature/chord charts, realizing that even when you play all the right notes it still does not seem quite right, the information on the following pages is for you. The book's goal is to make pickers better music makers and that begins with understanding of some music theory, making music by ear, developing your own playing style, and learning the fundamentals of making music with others. For more details click <here>.

The book has a review of the 6 common chord progressions used in bluegrass, old-time country and folk musics and has over 100 songs with chords. The spiral-binding makes it easier to fold open while singing your favorite songs.

Music Maker's Guide comes with an audio CD

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